Sick Of Feeling Terrible All The Time? 

Master Sio's Work Has Helped With

*High Blood Pressure *Cancer *Backache *Stress and Anxiety *Migraines * Stroke & Heart Attack *Gout *Arthritis *Insomnia *ADD *Bodily Injuries *Depression *Moodiness *Stomach Problems *Autism *Addictions *Panic Attacks *Relationships *Grief * Chakra Clearance *High Blood Pressure *Diabetes *Etc. (Will not interfere with medications).

This work is spiritual/energetic and is not intended to cure, diagnose, prevent, treat or advise on any medical condition. Please consult your physician or health care provider for those services.

Contact Master Sio

Los Angeles, USA: 424 744 6439

*** Over the years, I've helped many thousands of people recover from catastrophic health challenges. My work unleashes the powerful and majestic healing secrets of the authentic Hawaiian Kahuna. My deepest gratitude goes out to those who have entrusted their energy healing needs to me. *** Master Sio

ONLINE HEALING: A brief description appears below the video. Scroll down further to a table listing available sessions.

People tune in from all over the world to receive real healing, not just discussions about it. 

You can enjoy the power of Master's Sio's work with a $60 per month subscription. This includes 4-5 online group healing sessions.

Please scroll down past the video to the Registration Table for payment information.

LIVE Group Healings Every Saturday 11am: Click on Results Healing Groups Button Above


Online Healing With Master Sio

Scroll down to the Registration Table below. Class is currently closed with a long waiting list.
Please check back for when it is available again.

The Word Is Spreading! 

Master Sio’s Online Healing Webinars Draw Worldwide Followers..

You can now receive the same powerful healing with Master Sio online via your computer at home or your office. No more driving to and from a class. Every Friday, Sunday and Tuesday: please see table below for times. They will continue indefinitely until further notice.

***  The following morning I discovered that a wound on my face had diminished to two thirds of its original size. Today it closed completely, in one week only! My doctor was very surprised and very pleased.

***  It took away my shallow breath and all my heart's heaviness, opened up my chest and allowed me to breathe deeply, with freedom and happiness. The weight has been lifted! I haven't experienced that for a long time. Thank you Master Sio - The Results Healer!

*** During the first short meditation, I saw your aura. It showed as sky blue! Must be from all that love from your heart chakra that is pouring onto us.  Aloha!

 Master Sio's Work Has Helped With

*High Blood Pressure *Cancer *Backache *Stress and Anxiety *Migraines * Stroke & Heart Attack *Gout *Arthritis *Insomnia *ADD *Bodily Injuries *Depression *Moodiness *Stomach Problems *Autism *Addictions *Panic Attacks *Relationships *Grief * Chakra Clearance *High Blood Pressure *Diabetes *Etc. (Will not interfere with medications).

This work is spiritual/energetic and is not intended to diagnose, treat or provide advice for any medical condition. Please consult your physician or health care provider for those services.


Testimonials from recent online healings:

*** You do amazing work! For some reason, I always have body-jerking reactions. I look forward to more authentic healing sessions online. I need to keep up with this work as it is so beneficial to me. I had the deepest and most productive sleep I have had in a long time last night.

*** I like this format.  You can be comfortable and I still felt all the energy zapping my body! 

*** My back pain lessened after all-day pain. I didn't want to move. I'm new at all this but I adored listening to your voice.

*** The pain that has mysteriously plagued me for the last month or so is gone! I experienced a palpable reaction each time you put the 'punch' into the treatment.  Absolutely amazing, and again - I can't thank you enough.

*** This online healing works just like in class. I enjoyed the same sensations and energy flows and lights except I was in bed and stayed deep asleep till morning. Thank you!

Here’s the weekly schedule designed to accommodate time zones in the US and foreign countries.

Registration links are in blue in the following table.

Times/dates may change without notice, but we'll make every effort to notify you ahead of time.

$60 Monthly Subscriptions.

Sorry, no refund unless a session is cancelled by Master Sio. In that case, you will be given credit to attend a replacement session. 

Registration Table

7 - 7:30 pm Pacific (USA), 


Class is FULL. Long waiting list.

Class is now full with a long waiting list.

Please pay $60 by clicking on Buy Now button below this table

Please pay $60 for your monthly subscription by pressing the "Buy Now" button below.

Registrations Without Payment Will Be Cancelled, sorry.

1.    $60 monthly subscription, payable in advance. Example: Your subscription might run from August 8 to September 8. It would include all the Mondays in that period. Most months have 4 Mondays; a few have 5 -- all are included.

2.    You will be registered and receive a link to connect to each healing webinmar in your subscription period.

3. will send you at least 1 email reminder prior to each healing webinar.

4.    Click on the provided link to access the healing webinar.

Note: Your healing webinar link is unique to you and cannot be shared with anyone else. The link allows only one computer or phone number to access.

Online format is similar to classroom format:

Few minutes of meditation followed by the actual healing. Best to sit or lie down comfortably. Have no specific expectations or intentions. Just observe various sensations without trying to direct the Sacred Energy in any way.

With your participation, you agree that the healing session is an energy/spiritual exercise only and is not meant to treat, diagnose or mitigate any medical condition. For serious health issues, please consult your medical practitioner.

Let me know if I can clarify anything further for you.

Great Love and Blessings,

Master Sio

How Results Healing Mastery Works.

Who Is Master Sio?

This work is natural healing, also referred to as spiritual or energetic. The goal is to raise the client’s subtle vibrations to as pure a state as possible. That opens the door to deep healing.

The higher vibrations help restore the client to better health – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Higher vibrations help the energy pathways or meridians to open wider, and to remove or diminish blockages to healing.

" The sessions were incredible and left me feeling invigorated and happy. I was able to breathe easier. I recommend Master Sio highly and without reservation. " ~ Simmi Goyle, M.D.

* Master Sio’s work is not intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease. It has not been approved by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) in the USA. Please consult a licensed physician for all health issues. *

Most of the world’s 7+ billion people believe in a Natural Power, Sacred Energy or Creator of some kind.

The healing here is authentic, powerful and majestic without interviews or rituals, crystals, sage, pendulums, herbs or plant medicines, dowsing rods, drumming or mumbo jumbo. I respect other paths, but prefer the most direct connection.

"Why trek laboriously to the mountaintop when you're already there?" is the admonition of my Kahuna mentors.

Master Sio’s work does not interfere with any religious beliefs. Its origins mostly flow from the mystical practices of the ancient Polynesians, including Hawaiians, Tahitians, Tongans, Maoris, Samoans and other Pacific Islanders. It respects all beneficent religious or moral paths. In this website, “Creator” duly recognizes terms like God, Krishna, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Muhammad, Universal Mind, Higher Power, Jehovah, etc. Master Sio believes these reverential words ultimately point to the same Sacred Energy.

Master Sio is an authentic Hawaiian Kahuna and studied diligently with four reclusive Hawaiian Kahunas who reside in secret caves and lava tubes on the Big Island of Hawaii. The training was vibrational in the sense no one, teachers and student, was allowed to speak verbally for nearly seven months. The only vocal sound permitted was laughter, which signifies the Kahuna belief that we’re here to experience the joy of living without harming other humans beings.

How It Works

We're all born with a spiritual, primordial frequency which we always recognize at the cellular level. Master Sio amps up this frequency, you recognize it and then allow yourself to realign your energy system to produce better health, including spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

Although I believe that in-person healing sessions are the most effective, I have many happy long-distance clients in the US and foreign countries thousands of miles away. The miracle of healing originates from the same Source.

Professional Healer

Professional Healer

Like a physician, a plumber, a mechanic or an attorney, healers have basic expenses like everyone else. Generally, healers live more frugally than most visitors to this site. Fees are very reasonable given the effectiveness of the spiritual work.

Ultimately, it is you who does the healing. Master Sio merely takes you to a place of serenity and heightened spiritual awareness where you can do this. You realize and accept that you are indeed an aspect of the Creator. You are more powerful than others have told you, and can therefore begin healing yourself.

To maximize your healing benefits over the long haul, you must also change your negative habits. 


And, yes - all little aches & pains in the body have vanished. I now know what Bliss feels like. Wow!  Who does that in one session? Thank You from my Heart." Kathleen C. Jan.8, 2011


Please feel free to call or email Master Sio if you have questions or comments:
Master Sio

Master Sio was born in the Kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific, studied in New Zealand and the USA, has lived in several states and foreign countries, traveled extensively and now resides in Los Angeles, California, where he practices his healing art.

What clients say:

**** When I met Master Sio I had to rub my eyes because I saw a golden-yellow light around him... it dawned on me that I was able to see his aura. The sessions were incredible and left me feeling invigorated and happy. My asthma had been bothering me after an allergic reaction to seafood and after the session I was able to breathe easier. I recommend Master Sio highly and without reservation. He is simply one of the most powerful energy healers I've ever met. ~~~ Simmi Goyle, M.D.

***** From a Reiki Master with 10 years experience 

"... And then my body started expanding. I felt like my body was moving like a snake. My kundalini was activated. And then I saw images, colors, had a very strong vibration in my whole body. My head was moving. Then it got heavy. I felt your energy. I saw myself being a man. And then I saw 2 women that I know, but it's been a long time since we saw each other. And I am not in contact with them at the moment. After that I felt that something left my body. My stress, my worries were gone. It felt nice and peaceful, relaxed. I was in a really great mood. I loved the whole experience.  Especially when you were singing I felt that my body couldn't stay still. The energy was going very strongly. 

I tried Mahikari healing, Kabbalah, Reiki, Kundalini. I'll be honest - I never experienced anything like this. And next time I will bring my other friend. I want people to feel that energy that goes through You!!! Its amazing! Thank you again!" 
~~~ Lana O.

***** "I could slowly feel ALL of my aches and pains subsiding and before I knew it I was sound asleep." - Lynette B. (This healing was performed long distance from LA to Kona, Hawaii)

***** "My body was totally relaxed and moved under its own free will.  I could feel stretching in my arms as they rotated in a windmill motion... I thank GOD for the incredible gift that you have been blessed with.- M. Thomas.

***** "I'd not slept well for months since my cancer diagnosis. The first night after Sio passed his hands over me, I slept 10 hours, got out of bed the next morning and did laundry, fed the kids, went shopping. My husband was astounded as I had been bedridden for many weeks."- D. Morris (Los Angeles)

 DISCLAIMER: Master Sio is a Hawaiian kahuna or spiritual/energy healer, not a licensed medical doctor. He energetically assists others to heal themselves. Results Healing is often used in addition to a doctor’s traditional care. As with conventional medicine, Results Healing cannot guarantee any specific results. Acceptance of healing service inherently includes this Disclaimer.

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