How Results Healing Works

The vast majority of my clients tell me how much The Results Healing has helped their condition - whether it was arthritis, aches and pains, diabetes, fibromyalgia, insomnia or even cancer.

Since I'm not a physician, I do not make any medical claims of cure, nor do I diagnose, prescribe or treat any condition. I recommend that everyone follow their doctor's advice and to consider Kahuna Healing as a complement only.

Results Healing is a powerful form of energy/spiritual healing practiced by the kahuna (native healers) of Hawaii, Tonga, Samoa, Tahiti, Fiji and other South Pacific islands for centuries, and refined by Master Sio.

Everything from pencils to humans to angels to the cosmos is energy. Results Healing is a fast and safe path to being healthy in spirit, mind and body. 

All authentic healing traditions are related in the sense they emanate from the One Source. Success only comes by correctly accessing the One Source.

I have refined my work to include powerful elements of ancient Kahuna principles, Medical Qi Gong, pure awareness and potent healing words.

Results Healing quickly and gently moves you into a state of deep relaxation which allows Your Higher Power to do the healing. In other words, you do it, not I. 

Working strictly with the spirit, Results Healers have historically brought relief to people suffering from all kinds of ailments - physical, mental, spiritual.

During the session, you may feel vibrations, tingling, pressure, heat or cold, or electrical sensations in your body. Some clients feel heavy, some feel weightless and floating, others see themselves flying through the cosmos among the stars, some giggle or laugh, others weep copiously.

Frequently, fingers and limbs jerk involuntarily, breathing speeds up or becomes nearly imperceptible, and eyelashes flutter at high speed.

And some people show no visible reactions whatsoever.

As toxins are released, you may feel energetic and peaceful or lethargic. Your Higher Self may reveal to you vivid and unusual images or persons known/unknown to you, as well as brilliant or soft lights ranging from white to many striking colors.

Some people report smelling the most exquisite perfumes, and I have even enjoyed the same scents during the healing. 

As the energy works through the blockages, you may experience unusual aches and pains, and more frequent bathroom visits. You may also feel unusually hot or cold, indications of the energy releasing unwanted obstacles from your body.

Some clients feel more emotional as they release repressed emotions. 

Emotional repression may cause many ailments and diseases. Signs of healing energy in motion range from copious weeping to broad smiles, to grimacing, to giggles and laughter, to fingers and limbs twitching or arms rotating rapidly.

These manifestations are a wonderful sign that you are being helped by the energy. Often there's a feeling of euphoria. Signs of tiredness and aches can also be positive indications since they usually reflect purification at some level. These levels can sometimes be subtle but are nevertheless occurring. 

You may be releasing physically, mentally and emotionally. Your energy system will have been raised to a higher level after these releases. 

All you do is relax and sit or lie down for the session, surrender to your Higher Power and let the healing begin. No need to set intentions, chant mantras, or otherwise try to direct the healing process. Just relax and be.

How Do Results Healers Do It?

Effective healers are naturally gifted and have developed a connection with the healing energy of the One Source or the Universe. This energy is everywhere and is available to everyone. The gifted healer directs it into another person or himself. This energy is also known as Chi, Ki, Prana, Love and Light. Results Healing energy helps balance the body's energy system to restore normalcy.

Is This The Same As Reiki?

No. I trained in silence with authentic Hawaiian Kahuna in caves in Hawaii's mountains. A Reiki practitioner trains with a Reiki master. However, all energy comes from the same Source. The methods of access are different, some being more powerful than others.

How Does The Results Energy Know What's Wrong?

Your body is smart! Just as it processes the food you eat and the air you breathe, it directs the Kahuna energy to heal whatever needs healing the most. If you're very sick, you'll probably need several sessions.

Is Results Healing scientific or is it a miracle?

Albert Einstein said everything is a miracle. I believe energy healing is no less scientific or miraculous than say radio or TV, falling in love with your Soul Mate, or watching a gorgeous sunset and easing into an "Ah Ha!" moment.

Should healers charge for their services?

Yes. This enables them to concentrate more on their healing gift to humanity. A starving healer's growling stomach bothers clients.

Is Results Healing a type of religion?

No. Energy healing works regardless of your religious beliefs. It does not contradict any specific religion.

Can you become a healer? 

Yes. Most people can, although some possess a greater natural ability than others. They learn to harness the universal energy through intense meditations, focused observations and esoteric exercises. 

Is Results Healing better than conventional medicine?

It's just different, not necessarily better. It   aligns your body energetically so it can heal itself naturally. (Always follow your doctor's advice).

Could Results Healing hurt me?

No. Occasionally a client might feel some small discomfort such as a slight pain or headache. This usually is a sign of toxic release and an energetic adjustment and will go away without any harm. 

DISCLAIMER: Master Sio is a Results Healing Master (energy/spiritual worker), not a licensed medical doctor. He energetically enables others to heal themselves. Results Healing is often used in addition to a doctor’s medications. As with conventional medicine, Results Healing cannot guarantee any specific results. You're advised to consult your own physician for all medical conditions.

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