Zero to PhD Level Energy Healer in 1 Day!

Learn Master Sio’s Amazing Healing Technique In 5 Hours.

Healer training workshop: Saturday, June 1st, 2019.

10-4pm in West Los Angeles.

Become a Results Healing Master and practice the very same day; you’ll start practicing during class. There is only one level - PhD Level in energy healing.

You’ll learn how to:

1. Confirm immediately that you are a real healer.
2. Conduct face-to-face healing with anyone, without crystals, pendulums, incense, sage, rocks, mantras, chanting or mumbo jumbo.
3. Perform remote healing to anyone thousands of miles away by phone, Skype and other electronic means.
4. Transmit healing energy to groups in person or remotely.
5. Heal yourself.
6. Start a healing session without rituals or other preparation.
7. Maintain your own power without being drained.
8. Acquire more esoteric knowledge.

Testimonials: Please scroll down to
Typical comments by workshop participants.

Many graduates of other modalities including Reiki have been amazed at the simplicity, power and speed of Master Sio’s healing technique. Students have traveled from Japan, Europe, Africa, Australia and other countries to train with Master Sio in Los Angeles where he practices.

Course will last only 4-6 hours. We might finish early, as soon as I'm satisfied all students can do the work. You’ll receive a Certificate of Graduation as a “Results Healing Master (RHM).” 

Master Sio developed the Results Healing Mastery with the blessings of four powerful, authentic Hawaiian Kahuna Healers from the Big Island of Hawaii and other traditional practitioners from the Polynesian Triangle of the South Pacific Ocean.

Date: Saturday, June 1st, 2019.
Hours: 10 am – 4 pm (training may finish earlier once students have demonstrated proficiency and understanding.)
Where: Pacific West Medical Center, 11540 Santa Monica Blvd. #204 (second floor above Kosher Market), Los Angeles,CA 90025.
Fee: $400 cash only. Former graduates: $50.

To register: OR
Ph: 424 744 6439 or

PS: This course is being developed for remote teaching via live webinar. Please indicate if you’re interested when this is available and where you reside.


Master Sio conducts The Results Healing Mastery workshops periodically.

Master Sio will personally empower you by touch and spiritual authority to practice The Results Healing Mastery.

You will instantly catapult from zero to PhD level of proficiency the same day. There are no further levels to take and pay for, and you can be as powerful as anyone else in the healing field.

Typical comments by workshop participants:

<1st testimonial>

I did your technique, and the client almost flew away, he was so high. He said, wow, I'm so high, and I said, well, I am a healer and I just got transmissions from that healer (Master Sio) I saw for 10 months, so there you go. He almost floated home.

Thank you for teaching your technique... It is brilliant! It is so SIMPLE. I LOVE IT ! Thank you!"

<2nd testimonial>

“ After coming back come from your workshop, I practiced:

- My husband got a back pain, which usually lasts min. 3 days. After the few minutes of healing, the pain was milder and it was completely gone this morning.

- I practiced the distance healing on my mom, starting during your workshop (BTW, she's in Poland, so that's + 9 hours.) I called her this morning (late afternoon her time) and her voice had improved... i asked her when she started to feel the difference - she said "this morning" which was our evening time last night :0)  I did not tell her i did the healing, as i do not need her approval for that :) I am just glad to hear her happy and that she's feeling better.

- And then, there is my dog with a brain tumor, who's been lacking energy and been suffering with digestive issues since they put her on meds. The healing worked on her too!!! Do not know if it fixed the tumor, but she did not wake us up in the middle of the night to let her out to bathroom and she got up this morning all perked up, full of energy, happy and ready to play. I haven't seen her like this for months! Her digestive issues seemed to have resolved itself too and she acts as she's at least a year younger! :) We figured, as long as she has a happy life filled with love, she will be OK...


<end testimonials>

Our workshops are always fun and fulfilling. All necessary topics are covered.

We will cover the basics of how to become a powerful "Results Healing Master:"

* How to fast-track your way there.

* Basic exercises to enhance your well-being so you can serve your clients and yourself better.

* Powerful meditation techniques which work in minutes.

* How and where to touch or not touch the client.

* Remote healing.

* Hands-on practice.

* Question and Answer throughout the day.

Great Love and Blessings,

Master Sio

Ph: 424 744 6439 in Los Angeles

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