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LIVE     Results Healing Group With Master Sio in L.A. Address below.

Every Saturday 11am - 12.30pm

Private Sessions Available By Calling 424 744 6439.

Ridiculously Authentic Healing Without Sage, Pendulums, Candles, Crystals,

Bowls, Incense, Drumming, Chants, Exotic Rituals or Mumbo Jumbo.


Format For All Classes:

* Medical Qi Gong Exercises

* Brief Meditation

* Deep Healing

* Look Younger! Aspect is included (see end of this Page for details)

Please bring yoga mat or large towel, light jacket/blanket, water. Try to arrive 15 minutes early.

West Los Angeles

11am  – 12:30 am Every Saturday

Pacific West Medical Center

11540 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 204, Los Angeles, CA 90025 (Second Floor).

SE Corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and Colby Avenue. Above the Kosher Market and Deli. Cell Phone: 424.744.6439

* Parking behind building, on the street, or lot across Colby. Elevator in front of building and stairs near the back by rear parking lot on Colby side. Building officially closed Saturday and the elevator might not work, so please use stairs. Turn LEFT as you exit the elevator and follow wall to rear of building till you see a sign "Master Sio Class."

Or call me at 424.744.6439 and I’ll help you. *

$40 per person cash only

Reservations Strongly Suggested: 424.744.6439

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Tips for maximum results:

* Surrender totally to the Sacred Energy not easily understood by the mind.

* Imagine the experience to be like a pink rosebud beginning to unfold and bloom fully. The rosebud relaxes completely and ALLOWS itself to unfold its gorgeous petals, bask in the sunshine and dewdrops, entrance everyone with its fragrance... without the monkey mind.

* Give up trying to control. You cannot completely surrender and try to force an outcome at the same time. Just as you cannot control the rays of the sun, you cannot control Healing Energy.

* Forget focused intent and expectations! You are entering the world of ALL possibilities. Ergo, just be open and receptive.

* Ridiculously authentic healing without sage, crystals, pendulums, drumming, bowls, rituals or mumbo jumbo. 

* Everyone’s experience is different but most people will feel the classic signs of Spiritual/Kundalini Awakening – tingling, floating or heavy sensations, temperature changes, images, colors, blinding white light, etc. Healings range from subtle to dramatic.



The technology is ancient and science validates it. Meditation. Virgin coconut oil skin therapy is ancient and amazing. Science validates its ability to easily penetrate and revitalize the skin. More Youthfulness! The biggest visible bonanza among my thousands of students? Vibrant, glowing skin, especially around the face. The Master Sio meditation energizes all body systems. Then the virgin coconut oil goes in even deeper. The Master Sio meditation energizes all body systems. Then the virgin coconut oil goes in even deeper. True healing starts with spirit in the heart, the emotions, the brain and then the body.

It’s not unusual after just one class for some women to look visibly much younger. Their skin is flushed as if they've just finished a long run. Results vary of course. Each class further rejuvenates you physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally.

Format -- Same As Above, Plus:
* Apply virgin coconut oil lightly to face. Master Sio has already infused powerful chi (prana) into the oil. Please wash your face prior to arrival, with no makeup or moisturizer. Chi-infused oil is provided for you. If you are allergic to coconut oil, please bring your own moisturizer.
Every Saturday 11am - 12.30pm in West Los Angeles

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