About Master Sio, Founder of The Results Healing Mastery

Founder of The Results Healing Mastery

You keep all your clothes on during a healing session and there is often no physical touching or interviews. 

The powerful Sacred, Divine Energy can travel and heal clients thousands of miles away. More on this in the Testimonials section..

 Below: I enjoy working around the house although I often have to call a qualified handyman to come and finish a job I started. Oh well...

Energy Healing With Master Sio

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Pacific Islanders practiced the principles of The Results Healing Mastery thousands of years before Western explorers arrived. 

Legends abound about "miraculous" healing through the work of local priests or kahunas in those days

Master Sio incorporates some of those traditions after studying with Maori tohunga in New Zealand, kahuna in Hawaii, Samoa, Tonga, Rarotonga, Tahiti, Australia and Kiribas, in addition to developing his own inner spiritual power and talent. 

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 Below: Kidding around with my younger brother.

Kidding around with my younger brother

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