**** When I met Master Sio I had to rub my eyes because I saw a golden-yellow light around him. The sessions were incredible and left me feeling invigorated and happy. My asthma had been bothering me after an allergic reaction to seafood and after the session I was able to breathe easier. I recommend Master Sio highly and without reservation. He is simply one of the most powerful energy healers I've ever met. ~~~ Simmi Goyle, M.D.

**** ...since you removed that thing at my hips, my hips don’t ache and hurt and feel stiff anymore. What a blessing! Thank you!

Many thanks to you for your caring heart. You saved my life this weekend... I will never forget it.

Mary…, Famous American Actor


Master Sio,  

I thank GOD for the incredible gift that you have been blessed with.  Your healing session was an incredible experience.

I felt the energy working from the very beginning of the session.

While my eyes were closed, I could see a white light moving around the corners of my eyes. My body was totally relaxed and moved under its own free will. I could feel stretching in my arms as they rotated in a windmill motion. The more relaxed I became, the more the energy was able to work through me. My shoulders have been a problem area for me due to the years of playing baseball and just every day life. I felt my spine being elongated several times during the session, giving me an incredible stretch.  

My chest is wide open from the stretch of my shoulders and torso.  I know my legs and bottom half were stretched, but I was in such a meditative state, that I really don't know what happened at that point.  All I know is that I feel great.  

Thank you,

M., a former professional player with the Chicago White Sox, did not tell me beforehand what his challenges were. After our session, he performed several vigorous movements which he said were not possible just before we started.


Wow! I had a wonderful experience at my first healing session with Master Sio. I did not know what to expect!

But the moment I closed my eyes within seconds I had a warm sensation feeling coming from the left side of my body. Next, I could feel the warm sensation travel all around my body. I also felt my body go into a deep trance... I never fell asleep during the session but was super relaxed. I had several images pop up in my mind.... all pleasant ones!

That night I was able to go into a deep sleep without waking up in the middle of the night. I think I slept something like 10 or 11 hours, through the whole night and into the morning! After the session was over, I felt refreshed, lighter, my eyes looked brighter and an over-all feeling of bliss. 

I'm very grateful for this opportunity to work with an amazing healer. 

Thank you, Master Sio. 

With Love, 

Karla (Actress). She had been suffering for a long time from insomnia.

**** (Lynette called me from Kona, Hawaii, to help her sleep. I sent her Hawaiian Kahuna Healing energy from Los Angeles, thousands of miles across the Pacific Ocean). She texted me next day:

“Thank you so much for the healing last night! I could slowly feel ALL of my aches and pains subsiding and before I knew it I was sound asleep. Haven’t been able to sleep much the last few days, so boy did I need that! I love you."

**** Thank you Master Sio for healing my lower back pain!!!  I have been a runner for 20 years and as a result, have had lower back pain for at least the last 5 and have had to stop running.  Even standing for any length of time was strenuous. I went to your healing for the first time about a month ago and have been pain free in my lower back ever since!!  My back and waistline thank you!! 

~~~ Blessings, Michelle…


I felt heat radiating from my left hand. It then moved up my arm and to other parts of my body. My body became very relaxed but my mind wandered a lot at first. 

The Hum sound was intense but I liked it. I hear a voice saying in rhythm with the Hum “Here & Now, Here & Now,” over and over again for about a minute. 

I also had a beautiful image. I was standing on a round platform and I started to melt.  I was a candle of beautiful vanilla colored wax melting down me. The wax melted off me, not down me like a real candle, to uncover the true me within.

... In the end I felt rested, calm, spacey. 

I spent the rest of the day relaxed. Feeling like I was walking on a different plane than others around me. 


(Writer, filmmaker, actor)

DISCLAIMER: Master Sio is a Hawaiian kahuna or spiritual/energy healer, not a licensed medical doctor. He energetically enables others to heal themselves. Hawaiian Kahuna Healing is often used in addition to a doctor’s medications. As with conventional medicine, Kahuna Healing cannot guarantee any specific results.

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